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Is there a way???

is there a comand in a cisco 2501 that will tell me if im running 2 or 1 chip or flash?? when i isue the command sh ver... it says that i have 8192K bytes, but with out openig the unit is there a way to know if there are 2 4mb or a single 8mb?? thanks

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Re: Is there a way???


you can use .

show flash

Use the show flash command to list bootflash or Flash PC card information, including file code names, version numbers, volume ID, and sizes.

show flash [[m/]device:] [all | chips | filesys]

Syntax Description


(Optional) Module number of the supervisor engine containing the Flash device.


(Optional) Valid devices are bootflash and slot0.


(Optional) Keyword to list deleted files, undeleted files, and files with errors on a Flash memory device.


(Optional) Keyword to show information about the Flash chip.


(Optional) Keyword to show the Device Info Block, the Status Info, the Usage Info, and the volume ID.

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Re: Is there a way???

this is what i got

R2#show flash chips

8192K bytes of processor board System flash (Read ONLY)

Chip Bank Code Size Name

1 1 01AD 2048KB AMD 29F016

2 1 01AD 2048KB AMD 29F016

3 1 01AD 2048KB AMD 29F016

4 1 01AD 2048KB AMD 29F016

Executing current image from System flash

it says chip 1 2 3 4... and bank just 1 this means that it just have one chip??


Re: Is there a way???

Hi Miguel

You could run the command "show tech-support" and look for the "----- show flash: all -----" section or the command "show flash: summary" which will give you just the line you are interested in.

This is from a 2500 router I have in work

------------------ show flash: all ------------------

Partition Size Used Free Bank-Size State Copy Mode

1 16384K 7836K 8547K 8192K Read ONLY RXBOOT-FLH

If you see "size" = to 8192K and "Bank-size" = 8192K then you have 1 x 8mb Flash SIMM. However if you have a "Bank-size" of 4096K then you have 2 x 4mb Flash SIMMS.


Best Regards,


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