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Is there ES 20 or ES 20+ span destination limitation?

We got the problem to config the span destination port on ES 20 Plus card.

There is no h/w limitation to config the span destination on es 20 plus card on document.

but, when we config the span destination es 20 plus port, the traffic didn't replicated on that port.

and then, we changed the port from es 20 plus to RSP port(G6/2), and soon, the traffic is replicated on that port.

My main question is that is there a span destination limitation to apply as span destination on es 20 Plus?

Please, attach for me, if you are using the es 20 or es 20 plus port as span destination.


Please refer the following span configuration.

monitor session 1 source interface GigabitEthernet2/12 , GigabitEthernet2/30 , GigabitEthernet2/35 , GigabitEthernet2/41 tx

monitor session 1 destination interface GigabitEthernet6/2


and verification whatever if correctly the configuration

mpls_SWN-3#show monitor session 1

Session 1


Type                   : Local Session

Source Ports           :

    TX Only            : Gi2/12,Gi2/30,Gi2/35,Gi2/41

Destination Ports      : Gi6/2(now is rsp port, we would like to apply on ES 20 Port)

thank you

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Re: Is there ES 20 or ES 20+ span destination limitation?

Hello Syjeon,

in what slot is installed the ES20+ linecard?

is slot 2?

you are right that no limitations for SPAN are reported for ES20+, but there are limitations for SPAN for ES20


be also aware that you have tried to use as SPAN destination port a port of a powerful linecard with many  QoS features.

there are other uses for those ports in ES plus linecard

Hope to help


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