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ISDN Limit Dial..pls help !!

I have some a question about isdn , Anyone please suggest me

- Yesterday, my leased line link gone down because services provider have a problem about electrical. I have isdn backup this link and it will dial for backup when the main link gone down . Because of my provider have a problem about electrical then the isdn backup couldn't connected , it try to connect about 20 times .. How can i control or limit the amount of redial from my isdn ?? ( 20 times is too much , i would like to control my bill )

Thank you


Re: ISDN Limit Dial..pls help !!


would suggest to control the same by manually shutting the port or physically removing the line from the box unless you are using or pushing some traffic over it.

I feel the isdn line is getting triggered becoz of the default allow all nature of the dialer list which would be binded with ur bri or dialer interface.

if you want some particular interesting traffic to trigger the isdn line then you can create a ACL matching the interesting traffic and bind it alongwith the dialer list.

dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 101

access-list 102 permit ip x.x.x.0 y.y.y.255 a.a.a.0 y.y.y.255

where x.x.x.0/24 is ur local subnet and a.a.a.0/24 ur remote office network.


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Re: ISDN Limit Dial..pls help !!


you can use the command:

dialer redial

to control how often the dialer interface will attempt to redial. In this example:

dialer redial interval 10 attempts 2

the dialer will attempt to dial twice, with a 10 second interval.

Check this link to the relevant command reference:

dialer redial



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Re: ISDN Limit Dial..pls help !!


If i use dialer redial command but i don't use re-enable command when ISDN all redial fail, it will disable interface ?

Thank u

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