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ISDN30 Issues

Can anyone please help?

I've got a Cisco 3725 ISDN router.

I have two serial connections going to ISDN30 units (BT). I'm UYK based.

I've just had BT cancel 50 of the 60 channels as we don't need them any more.

But now, I can't ping most of the the remote sites.

I can ping one for sure, and maybe one more every so often, but that's it.

We're moving over to broadband and there's only about 8 remote sites on ISDN so we had to stop the 50 channels to save on expenses.

Can anyone please help!

New Member

Re: ISDN30 Issues

do your timeslots under you controller e1 match those of BT , see as you have cancelled aload. have you done isdn test dial back to your own number ?

New Member

Re: ISDN30 Issues

REALLY appreciate you replying, thanks!

Here's what i've got on the controllers:

controller E1 1/0

pri-group timeslots 1-31


controller E1 1/1

pri-group timeslots 1-31

As i've only got 10 channels now, do i need to reduce them in the controller also? if so, what would the command be?

Thanks rgodden

New Member

Re: ISDN30 Issues

show isdn service will show the status of the timeslots

New Member

Re: ISDN30 Issues

Thanks for that and your advise...I've got it now.

I was trying to reduce the timeslots straight off but that just kept reloading the router.

I had to shut the controller and the serial ints. then bring just one E1 controller back with just 10 channels and that did it.

Thanks to my good friend who helped me outa this one and to you all also on this forum.

thanks all.

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