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ISP Change Checklist?

Anyone have a good checklist to use when changing ISP's while using Cisco equipment?

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Re: ISP Change Checklist?

Hello Shaun,

briefly you need to verify the following aspects:

-IP connectivity on the WAN link to the new ISP

-IP connectivity over internet starting from one address of the IP block assigned to your enterprise/customer

- Check of correct NAT configuration to allow internal users using an IP address of the block provided by new ISP to reach the internet.

- Correct behaviour of DNS servers provided by new ISP: capability to browse the internet by URL or to ping by DNS name

- Update of DNS records for your enterprise/customers public servers that need to be reached by the internet.

much more details are in a design guide like the following:

Hope to help



Re: ISP Change Checklist?

There is no standard check list.  It all depends on what you are accomplishing.

General questions:

Do you have your own IP space or will you be needing IP space from the ISP, this will require re-ip your network.

DNS, is the ISP hosting your DNS or are you doing this on your own?  You may need to have a zonefile transfer.

SLA, what type of SLA do you need, this can be different from ISP to ISP.

Type of service, MPLS, Frame, ATM, PPP, Ethernet, this is important because not all carriers offer all these services.

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