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ISP Routing

I have Cisco 2801 router where i m using my ISP connection through Ethernet Connection coz it is a Wireless. My ISP has given me two Subnets each delivering 512kbps each but i m unable to find out that each subnet is binded to 512k.

They have given there one IP on F0/1 which is directly connected to wireless Station and other to F0/0 as secondary IP which will serve as my Gateway for other subnet.

Earlier i was using the single subnet with 512k and now in the above scenerio i have two subnets each of 512k.

I have connected a Linksys Broadband Router which is having gateway of another subnet (assigned as secondary on F0/0).

Another we are using for Voice and we are having delays and jitters in that from the time another subnet came into effect.

Please help to rectify this.


Re: ISP Routing

You can determine what the delay and jitter is between the endpoints of a tunnel or between any locations within the network. Delay is the time between the initiation of a transaction by a sender and the first response received by the sender. Jitter is the interpacket delay variance; that is, the difference between interpacket arrival and departure. For real-time data like voice and video, jitter must be limited.

Controlling delay and jitter is important for real-time applications such as Voice over IP.

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