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Issues with 1720 and 1721 routers

We have about 21 remote sites mostly using 1720 and 1721 routers.

I have two in question that seem to have issues.

One is in my Los Angeles office connected via a frame relay circuit with an ISDN BRI backup. At times the router just seems to lock up. Frame goes down as well as the ISDN line. Turning the router off/on will fix the problem. This router is running version 12.1(26)

I've been hesitant to open a ticket with the TAC because my only access to this router is via the ISDN line and going on-site really won't work since we can't make this router lock up at will and it could be weeks before it does it again.

The other router is at our BWI location. On some days it just starts rebooting itself over and over. It finally stops then runs great for weeks then out of the blue it starts doing it again. When I can finally log in it says it was restarted by power on. I have the same problem with this one. I can only access it via ISDN and going on site won't work for the same reason as our Los Angeles router.

I am monitoring the routers via SMTP polling. It I setup a syslog server do anyone think the router would send one last error before locking up or rebooting?

Any thoughts?



Re: Issues with 1720 and 1721 routers

I suspect the BW router may be caused by the local power issue. i.e. local power not stable and it trigger the router to restart or the power supply of the router is failure. Suggest to check w/ local electricity co. and bring a spare power supply for 172x.

Fot the LA router, better check w/local PTT for the line status and carry a line test.

Please provide the configuration of both routers.

For the syslog, if the connectivity is fine, it should able to receive the log via SNMP. However, if the router suddenly restart, it won't tell you why it restart because it restarted at that moment....

Hope this helps. More info. can help more.

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