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IVR Setup (MPLS to Data network & PSTN netowrk)

Dear Friends,

Please provide me great full support any body....

I have a requirement of IVR call center config....

My resources ...

1. I have a 2 Mbps MPLS bandwidth at my office,

2. I have Cisco 867VAE-K9 Router,

3. I have a server & client setup for IVR

4. I have Linephone syntal (VOIP Phones)

5. I have a L2 switches.....

My requirement.......

Please find the attached screen shot & I wanted to config data network & parallel do the PSTN config for IVR Setup on the same router (Cisco 867) from MPLS Line... as shown on image.

Kindly advice me for data & pstn line how can I config....

Is do required any voice channel creating on C867, if required please help me with config.....


Could you explain me what is cpe router & media gateway on attached pic,

what type of physical connectivity is required from CPE Router to PSTN via media gateway.....

Thanks & Regards,

Srinivas. N. 



Thanks & Regards, Srinivas. N.
Community Member

Hi, Let me explain terms CPE



Let me explain terms CPE and Media gateway based on your topology

CPE (Customer Premises  Equipment) : This is a router which will be placed in customer site by ISP to terminate MPLS connection or lease lines.

Media gateway: It is device which is used to convert digital voice signal from ISDN PRI line to IP packet . see Wikipedia for correct explanation.

Solution for Voice,

In your pic, PRI line is terminating on media gateway. So you should register this media gateway with call manager using either MGCP or H.323 protocol. I would prefer MGCP because of less overhead to configure.

Configuration required in Media gateway.( Assuming media gateway is a cisco router and you have cisco call manager)

You can connect CPE with media gateway using Ethernet cable.

Basic IP configuration which should be reachable from your call manager.

ISDN PRI configuration in E1 port.

MGCP Backhaul configuration.

Register this router in Call Manager as a MGCP gateway.

Follow the link for the configuration example

Configuration Required in CPE router.

You only need to do WAN ip, LAN ip and static routing configuration in CPE router which will normally doing by service provider. No need to do any voice related  configuration.


Rest all the configuration in IVR server and Call manager. Also you need  to register IP Phone with Call manager and as well as agent configuration required in IVR server for this phones.









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