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Justification to go with Cat 6509 instead of 4507

Folks, from my core/distribution switch I need to serve about (12) cabinets housing (2) 10/100 3750 switches each. On my server room, I will have up to (10) 3750 10/100/1000Mbps connected to servers.

Total of 500 network jacks and 300 access points across a facility. About 400 IP phones. My question is, should I plan to put a couple of Cat 6509 switches as my core/distribution or I should be OK with a 4507?

If I want to support 10Gbps I should be in a better shape with a 6509, right? Moreover, if I want to deploy WAAS or another wide area acceleration appliance in the future, do you agree that I will take advantage if my internal switches connected to servers handle 10Gbps? My main WAN circuit is going to be a fractional T3, C3845 router.

As far as redundancy goes, do you recommend (2) core switches, or just one switch should do since I have redundant power supply, etc?

This environment requires high availability.

Thanks for your amazing help.


Re: Justification to go with Cat 6509 instead of 4507

If it were my network I would push for 6500s. I think they are more flexible and provide a better core than a 4500. I assume you're collapsing your core/distribution so it starts to make your decision even easier. There are plenty of features on the 6500 that the 4500's can't do or cost a ton extra (Netflow, 10GB, powered port density, etc). Also the 6500s just came out with the VSS 1440 supervisors. That's a great reason to go with the 6500s. For redundancy you should use two boxes, again check out the VSS 1440 (makes two boxes look like one like the 3750's).

HTH and please rate.

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Re: Justification to go with Cat 6509 instead of 4507

I think 2 6509s is better.

6500 series support more features than 4500 series including Firewall module(FWSM) for access control

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Re: Justification to go with Cat 6509 instead of 4507

Besides the feature differences between the 4500 and 6500, also keep in mind the 6500 can provide much more performance. 4500 chassis only has 8 GB per slot. Especially important if you think you might need to support 10 gig.

If you chose to go with dual boxes, I too like the new VSS option. However, you do have the option of dual sups with a single chassis. Does expose you to line card failures or software problems.


For you servers, for future consideration, stack some with a 3750-E to provide 10 gig uplink.

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