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L2TPv2 Multilink over Ethernet

Hi AlL,

attached a solution i am trying to build and configure.

on the remote site i have 4 WAN links (Cellular 3G based on EHWIC-3G-HSPA-U modules) on the same router. on the main site i have central router that's connect to the wan with a single GE link.

on the remote site i need to utilize my 4 wans equally  and let them appear as single logical wan to maximize the throughput.

i thought of using 2 kind of solutions:

  1. remote site will use L2TPv2 - 4 X virtual-PPP with single multilink interface that will use the 4 X 3G interfaces towards the central site, this multilink will forward the traffic equally as per packet load sharing basis. this site will act as a LAC.

         the remote site will have single GE interface and will have single multilink interface with single Virtual-PPP interface that will terminate all traffic           from remote site and will do the reassembly - LNS

   2. using single GRE tunnel on the 4 WAN interfaces and use load sharing per packet on the 3G interfaces and the GRE on the remote side will              reassemble the traffic.

is this a working solution ?


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