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L2TPv3 bridging question



I have an application where I want to bring back (via bridging) 3 distinct private class C 10/100 LANs to a central location. The 3 LANs are at remote sites and I'd like to bring them back to a central site over the internet. I'd like devices on either side of the bridge to have the same network and netmask - essentially making them view each other as layer 2 peers on the same network. It appears as though the IOS

pseudowire class using L2TPv3 encapsulation would do this but I'm not finding much data on using that, or examples. The EoIP (ethernet over IP) feature in the MikroTik routers seems to do this as well, and has more documentation - but I'd like to confirm how to do this using Cisco routers. Also - if folks have recommendations on what router & interface cards would be a good fit for this application I'd appreciate it (it would be nice to have the router at the central site be expandable to handle bridging 8 remote LANs in the future). Thanks in advance.

Doug Rorem


Re: L2TPv3 bridging question

Ethernet Over MPLS (EoMPLS) is a tunneling mechanism that allows the service provider to tunnel customer Layer 2 traffic though a Layer 3 MPLS network. It is important to remember that EoMPLS is a point-to-point solution only

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