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L2TPv3 with pseudowires problems, like loop

Hello team,

I hope that someone can help me with some trouble that I'm getting into. I'm attaching a network diagram to the forum, let me explain to you what I'm doing:

I have a scenario where I have a L3 MAN (Metropolitan Area Network) running OSPF, in TVA and ERF I'm extending a L2 broadcast domain with L2TPv3 tunnels with the routers (Cisco 7206VXR w/NPE-G2).

Everything is running great, the only problem is that if I turn on OSPF into the VLAN99 the routers CPU goes to the sky (99% - 100%) so basically everything starts to flap. I have no clue why is doing this, OSPF problems, Loops o what? I made some captures in the switches.

I hope someone can help me figuring out what is going on.



Thanks a lot team


PS. I'm attaching the configurations of all the boxes.

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