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L3 sw and routers' routing

hi! I'm connecting a L3 3550sw to a L2 29xx sw, and 2 routers are connected to the 29xx sw. I'm doing some testing on routing between a L3 switch with the routers, but i'm not able to propagate the routing table between the L3 switch and the routers. I've attached config of the L3, L2 and one of the routers "sh run" output. Please advise. Thanks.

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Re: L3 sw and routers' routing

a) The router has LAN IP

b) The 29xx Switch has access vlan 1 for this router. It has a trunk to the 3550 switch.

c) The switch has IP under Vlan1.

These 2 devices can't be RIP neighbors since they are part of a different subnets. You must swap the IP addresses from Vlan30 ( and Vlan1 (


Edit: Or better yet, you can change the access vlan on port 7 and 8 at the 29xx Switch to Vlan30.

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Re: L3 sw and routers' routing

hi! In this case, what configuration do i need on the L2 switch's port which connect to the router? Do i need to do trunking and encapsulation on the L2 switch?

Please advise. Thanks.

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Re: L3 sw and routers' routing

No, just enter:

switchport access vlan 30

Note.- you only posted one router. I'm assuming the other router also has .30 in the 3rd octet.

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