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L3 switch - PBR + IP SLA


I need to choose appropriate device to do policy based routing and switching to backup line according to the following image:

Task is relatively simple:

a) if everything is working fine - Subnet A uses an ISP A and  Subnet B uses an ISP B (subnets are NATed to different address)

b) if ISP A doesn't work - both Subnets uses ISP B

c) if ISP A doesn't work - both Subnets uses ISP A

I thought it would be fine to use L3 switch with route map matching source ip and ip sla to route selection . But according to

3560x/3750x doesn't support set ip next-hop verify-availability in route maps...

I don't want to use an ISR router due to high speeds...

Can you please recommend me a suitable device to achieve this task or alternative solution? I saw a workaround with EEM but I'm not very familiar with this technology...

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Dear firend

Dear firend

your design should not be like that 

i think you need to Load Balance between your Two ISP Connection 

and this is done via connecting your ISPs to router support IP SLA (ios sec pack Technology)

using IP SLA  and TRACK command can solve your problem

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