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LAB access

Hi seniors,I recently setup my home lab for studying ccna with 3 routers and 1 switch. Can i access it remotely(from office). I have cable internet at home. If yes ,please write down the steps involved. If not , how remote access is given by institutes ? Tahir


Re: LAB access

We cannot just say "do this" and you lab be accessible. You need to decide how accessible you want it to be, and how to connect.

It also depends upon what your ISP does, wnat you use to connect to the internet, and your office security policy.

If your ISP allows you to run a network on the end of the link, then all you need to id conenct, address (with addressing provided by your ISP and away you go, but anyone can then get access.

If your internet router is VPN capable. you can set up a tunnel into that and way you go.

you could use remote access software on a PC and let that through your internet router and use theat to hop into your lab.

Institues will have different systems for lab access, according to what they are trying to do - they may need to keep track of what you use to bill you for example.

If I was doing this, I would probably use remote access on the PC. Maybe using a Linux system and SSH.

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Re: LAB access

Thanks Paul, yes indeed it needs a lot of effort and consideration.


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