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Label / Remark Peers (ADVIP)

When working with hundreds of crypto maps and multiple set peers for each I was wondering if there was a way to put any kind of label or remark out beside peers. Most of my entries have static IP's but I still have about a dozen locations that have DHCP address assignment by their ISP. I notice that when doing a config after I put in the information I can use "! XXXYYY" and it doesn't interfere with the command and will accept it.

I'm wondering if there is a hidden command or feature available in Advanced IP Services that will allow any kind of remark or comment to show up in the Sho Config so that it is not only easier but faster to clean up not only the Peer lists but also the Crypto Map entries.

Any help would be appreciated. Even if the answer is no...

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Re: Label / Remark Peers (ADVIP)

Hello Jon,

in the crypto map block you can use the description command that allows you to put a comment inside the block to describe the peer.

I usually start troubleshooting by doing

sh run | inc remotesite_name

sh run | beg remotesite_name

from the second I get the peer public address and then I do sh crypto isakmp sa | inc public_address and so on

Hope to help


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Re: Label / Remark Peers (ADVIP)


I already have the description fields in place which helps me quickly identify which remote location it is. I am talking about straight on the peers.

There are two places I could put this and either one would work because I could cross-reference them as you are saying, for instance:

crypto isakmp key [key] address ! Remark

- or -

crypto map [map] XXX ipsec-isakmp

description [included]

set peer ! Remark

If I could include something on either or both of those it would help in removing dynamic IP Addresses particularly from DSL providors that we have some small stores on. I don't need to label the ones I would remove the next reassignment, but I would like to label the ones that I will keep permanently.

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