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LAN bandwidth utilization is skewed, my manager won't accept my reason.

I have my Core Switch in the B.A.6.250 segment and, prefix /22. The .4.x and .5.x and .7.x in my LAN have underutilized bandwidth. Graphs from the ISP showed that .6.x segment hosts are 10times of the rest segments in my LAN range. Users also complained that access to the Internet is slow. When I gave static address in the .6.x segment and users reported improvements. On the CS, I have Default Static, Static & RIP

routing enabled. Though, their next hop interface is points to 2 different ISP with my firewall inbetween.

Though, my distribution & Access Layer DCEs are all in .6.x segment. have U any reason why B.A.4.x & B.A.5.x & B.A.7.x are slow.

I have my reasons but, my manager knows alot too. He didn't believe and, he seeks further reasons.

Pls. reply. I choose not to state my reason here.

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