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LAN design for server cluster support

Hi, we have a problem with our network. Our SharePoint cluster is losing connectivity intermittently. The two cluster servers are connected directly to one Cisco 3750 switch which is configured as an access switch to the 6500 series's FWSM where the VLANs are configured. The rest of the applications and services are working fine. I need some advices on this. The other confusing part of this is when loosing connectivity to the sharepoint (http browsing), we can still ping it and again, if we patch users directly to the same switch as the share point we have no problem. However, on the same switch, we have exchange clusters, webserver servers and all other servers working perfect. the only problem is the share point. Is there a special consideration or configuration needed to support server clusters?


Re: LAN design for server cluster support

The LAN communication between the nodes of a cluster obviously depends on the software vendor that provides the clustering function. As stated, to assess the network requirements, it is important to know all the various software components running on the server that are providing clustering functions.

Below link for Data Center High Availability Clusters.

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