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LAN extender

what is exact use of Cisco LAN extender?

as per its name its extend the brodcast domain of one lan to the remote lan?

is it possible to configure through WAN link and can i extend my LAN to remote location?

what kind of interface it is having?

and are all router support such feature?



Re: LAN extender

Hi Deve,

With whatever information I have got from Cisco Website, I can say that Lan Extener was Cisco 1001 Router which had deceased in 97.

Please visit the link

However to exten the LAN (I'm sure this is with respect to all the VLANs) into a Remote site there are technologies available, may be you can start looking towards the direction of Q in Q tunnel feature which does it.

Please let us know if you want more info on this point and we shall be glad to give you that.


Wilson Samuel

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Re: LAN extender

Hi Dave,

to say in simple a LAN extender,which forwards traffic between LANs transparent to higher network-layer protocols over distances that far exceed the limitations of standard Ethernet.additional devices are commonly employed to increase the overall efficiency, reach and range of the Ethernet network.

hope this helps.

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