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LAN not accessible over MPLS

Hello everyone,

I have two sites connected with a Layer 3 MPLS VPN connection from my ISP. At site A I have a 878 router and site B has a 1841 router.

I can ping and access all the resources at site B with no problem. the problem is, besides that I'm not a cisco professional, I can only access 878's management vlan port and no other resource is accessible. the setup is very simple and everything should be accessible from both sites and since its a mpls vpn I'd rather not using vpn or acl's due to unnecessary delay and resource usage. any help would be greatly appreciated.

I'll attach the running configs for both devices.

thanks in advance.


Hello Amir,Do the ISP know

Hello Amir,

Do the ISP know how to get to your networks. It seems as though you just have default route pointing at the MPLS VPN but how do they know where to route that traffic?

Normally a routing protocol would be used between you and ISP for you to advertise your internal networks to the mpls vpn. This needs to be in agreement between yourselves and the provider on how to exchange routing information to get from site A to site B vice versa.



CCIE #45032


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thanks for taking the time

thanks for taking the time Bilal,

yes the ISP knows since they assigned the LAN IP addresses for me and I could ping and telnet to site A's vlan1 ip address so as the problem was a little weird I did a reset factory on 878 and reconfigured it and now I'm able to see all the systems attached to fe0 to 3 ports. at least I can ping them;).

I have to further test the environment to see if any problems still exist.

A side question though is that if the router works fine I'm going to connect it to a 3750G-48ts switch to make the servers reachable from site B, is there any best practice or any points that I should take into account?


most simple way is to do GRE

most simple way is to do GRE tunnel

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Thanks Tagir,but I do not see

Thanks Tagir,

but I do not see the point since both ends use the same protocol and both ends are supposed to see each other directly.

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