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LAN not pinging


     I have a PE router and CE router connected point to point. I am running mpls vrf on PE  and BGP between PE and CE. But I am not able to ping LAN ip in CE router from PE sometimes. It may work fine for the whole day and suddenly loose the pinging. Still am able to ping the point to point and I have the route and also I can ping the connected LAN interface from CE router. I have even created a loop back in CE still it cannot ping from PE.  And it may come back if I clear my bgp session or restart the router sometimes. Please give me a reason

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What is the status of your

What is the status of your bgp peering session when you loose connectivity?? Is it resetting? Layer 1 is good?

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Thank you for youe reply. BGP

Thank you for youe reply. BGP is not resetting. And last time it was not working even after I cleared the BGP session. to check the layer 1  I created a loop back interface in the same router but facing the same issue 

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