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LAN to LAN connection over WAN

Hello, first of all i need to understand something, in most books i read, doing a site to site connection, a private adress is usually used on both interfaces(to be on same network right?)but how do you connect this sites over a WAN without using public ips(including frame relay). i stand to be corrected.

My main issue, we have a satellite connection(VSAT) and i need to have our other new site on the same network as ours. How do i configure that?

we have two public ip-210.x.x.y, 210.x.x.g, and using a private network Both sites will be using same routers and VSAT connections.

Help. thanks



Re: LAN to LAN connection over WAN


The option out here would be configuring GRE tunnels over the public network and pass on ur private traffic inside the tunnel.

thats just encapsulate ur private traffic with the GRE endpoints...

for that u need to create a GRE normal ordinary tunnel on both the sides...

u need to mention the source and the destination ip which is ur public interface ip and use up a /30 ip which can be assigned for ur GRE interface..

once you get the tunnel up then comes ur normal routing use static routes and point ur private(remote) subnet thru the tunnel interface do configure the same at the remote end also.

Also dont forget to point ur remote gre endpoint ip via the public itnerface which can bring ur gre tunnel up..

do refer this link for more info on the same..


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