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Layer 3 switch for bandwidth throttling.

I have a device on my network that on rare occation slams out Internet connection. QoS is not an option, so I am looking at a layer 3 switch that can do port-based bandwith throttling. The problem is that all of the L3 switches that I am looking at are big, most have PoE and cost $$$. Honestly, if there were a 4-port L3 switch, that would be perfect! However, since I cannot find anything like this, I have found the Cisco SG300-10SFP and I just want to make sure that that it will do what I need it to do.

Port 1 Unrestricted

Port 2 Restricted to 5Mb send, 20Mb Recived (can I do that, or do the speeds need to match?)

Port 3 etc.

Suggestions on a cheaper switch appreciated, but mainly looking to make sure that the SG300 will allow me to set physical port speeds like that.

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Re: Layer 3 switch for bandwidth throttling.


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I'm unfamiliar with the capabilities of the small business line devices.

The discontinued 8 port 3560 might have done what you need, and the only reason I mention it, the current 3560-C might have similar features.

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Layer 3 switch for bandwidth throttling.

[RANT] This is my problem - I cannot seem to find any concrete information about what the various models and sub-models actually do! The Cisco site is full garbage like, "To stay ahead in a competitive marketplace, small businesses need to make every dollar count." Why do they even waste money to have people write the filler crap? Who actually sits there, reads the paragraphs of junk and says, "OK, Cisco says that this switch will make us more competitive - here is a check for $50,000 to get these for our whole network!" What is lacking is any concise technical info... [/RANT]

Is there any place online where I can at least see detailed screenshots of the configuration options? Is there anyone at Cisco that I can call for pre-sales support? Short of just buying one blindly, how do I know what functions the device performs??

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