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Layer 3 switch versus Router design ? 7206 and 3560

Our WAN contains a number of regional hub sites each serving a number of remote sites. Reach regional hub is connected to our HQ via a variety of circuits. (Hub and spoke)

We are looking at upgrading a number of our regional hub WAN circuits as it turns out to be cheaper to go for a new (higher speed) offering from our telco. However, due to distance limitations we cannot terminate all of these new circuits at our HQ. We are planning to feed out-of-reach regional hubs back to HQ via other regional hubs that are within reach of our HQ via the new circuits. The worst case we have is as follows where 4 regional hubs are fed back to HQ via 100meg and 1Gig links. 1gig circuits will be presented as SC fibre and 100meg as RJ45.


The circuits should have plenty of capacity to handle the traffic load required but I need to determine which devices to use at each site.

The plan is as follows:

The old circuits terminate at our HQ on a pair of 7206VXR NPE400 so we plan to terminate the 1gig circuit at HQ on the above 7206 using PA-GE adapters. (We will actually have four of these circuits from various areas so will install two PA-GE in each 7206 which with our configuration is the maximum I believe in terms of ?bandwidth points?on each PCI bus).

Implement at 3560 with IP services image at site 1 to terminate the circuit from HQ and provide link to site2 (using GLC-SX-MM SFPs).

Site 2 has a 3745 installed so plan to install an NM-1GE module to provide gig link to site 1 and use on-board fast-eth to connect to site 3 at 100meg.

Site 3 and 4 also have 3745 and will connect via fast-eth interfaces.

The aggregate traffic from sites 2,3 and 4 traversing site1 back to HQ is not expected to exceed 100meg in the near future

There will be a backup link between site 4 and HQ to provide a certain level of resilience and we will probably configure routing to send traffic down this link by default.

An alternative would be to use 3825 at ?site1? with 2 off HWIC-1GE-SFP and implement a 3750G-12S with IP Services image for routing at HQ

So my question is after all that is ? are these reasonable designs in terms of device selection and throughput on circuits and devices?

Another question ? compared a router will a L3 switch offer better performance with regard to throughput ? I?m guessing yes but could anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance for any answers.


Re: Layer 3 switch versus Router design ? 7206 and 3560


The major difference not taking different interface into conciduration is that 3560 does not support netflow.



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