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Linksys RVS4000 router and TD8616 pure bridge modem: can’t connect to internet

I have a Linksys Router RVS4000. It is 4 Port Gigabyte Security Router with VPN. I am not using VPN. I am using Windows 7 on an hp pavilion p7-1010 computer.

In addition, I have 2 DSL Modems:

Modem 1. Actiontec PK5000. It has a wireless capability which I have disabled because I don’t want to use wireless. It also has a built in router, which I am currently not using.

In the Actiontec modem, the user credentials for my ISP --- PPP user name and Password --- are set up in the modem through its GUI.                                                

Modem 2. TP-Link TD8616. It is a pure bridge modem. It has no GUI and thus no configuration capabilities.

I bought this as a back-up modem to used in the event that the Actiontec modem fails; the Actiontec modem is getting old.

My problem is being able to access the internet using the Linksys Router and the TP-Link Modem.

The way that things are acting, it is as though when I use the TP-Link Modem connected through the Linksys router, the user credentials (User Name and Password for my ISP) are not sent from the computer through the router, and then through the modem to the ISP. I’m guessing at this – I am far from sure.

Please see attachment for configuration descriptions and for detail on configuration windows and error windows that I get.

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