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load balance with ospf


I am trying to advertise my route with ospf. Am wondering if ospf supports network load balance using two different service providers' link. Also, if this is possible please advise me if there is anything i need to do in my natting table. Please provide commands for this config if it is possible. Many thanks

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Re: load balance with ospf


Part of your question is easy to answer: OSPF does support load balancing when it has 2 equal cost routes to the same destination prefix - and this is true whether it is provider links or enterprise links. I wonder how often you would get both ISPs to run OSPF with you and to get 2 equal cost routes to the same destination over ISP links. But if you do then OSPF should load balance.

If you have 2 ISP links then I would assume that you have already configured address translation that is appropriate for each link. Using OSPF to load balance should not change the way that you translate the addresses.

Without knowing more about your network topology and how your routers are configured I would not be able to suggest specific configuration commands.



Re: load balance with ospf

suggests the common solution for doing Internet with 2 ISPs is to run BGP. There is a possibility of doing it with 2 default routes and also a possibility of doing Policy Based Routing so that most traffic went on one link and some identified traffic goes on the other link.


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Re: load balance with ospf

Thanks a lot

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