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Load Balancing across Dual MPLS WAN

I have a 8 sites connected via 2 MPLS-VPN WAN clouds with different providers. Each site has 2 WAN routers each with a DS3 to a different provider. R1 connects to MPLS-1, R2 connects to MPLS-2. R1 and R2 connect into Layer3 switch in the LAN core. R1 and R2 run eBGP to the PER and each router is in a different AS. R1 and R2 also run OSPF to the L3 core switch. If I redistribute the OSPF learned routes for the local office only into BGP on each router and then redistribute BGP into OSPF, will the L3 core switch see two equal routes to the remote LANs and put both into the routing table? My objective is to load share across the WAN routers to the other locations.


Re: Load Balancing across Dual MPLS WAN

If the routes from R1 and R2 have the same metric OSPF it will use both paths, and load balance using whatever packet switching method you have enabled (per packet, per destination etc)


Re: Load Balancing across Dual MPLS WAN

Dear amvita,

by default when redistribute from BGP to ospf the ospf process give the same metric to BGP routes (20 I think) which is result in equal OSPF costs on the L3 switch, so the L3 core switch will load balance between both route.

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