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Load Balancing and Failver between 2 ISPS


the conversation title explains it all but let me mention more details

I have 2 ISP Feeds, Right now we are going through one PIX Firewall which is behind one of the ISP ADSL Routers

My Question , what solution can you guys give me if i want to Load balance between these 2 ISP links

Since we have one PIX i am assuming we might need to put a Router in front of the PIX so one interface can be connected to the PIX and the other 2 can go to the ISP DSL Routers

i am assuming we can achieve this using Static Routes

but since you'll know the routers come with 2 Eth Interfaces

is it possible we can assing two ISP Addresses on one Interface as Primary adn Secondary and Configure static routes

Please i need a good soultion , i have stormed my brains thinking your help would be highly appreciated at the earliest


Re: Load Balancing and Failver between 2 ISPS

the link for more information about this Long Distance Application Failover Solutions Guide.

Bringing high availability to a global basis requires a global load balancer or content router. The Cisco GSS interacts with your Domain Name System (DNS) infrastructure to resolve DNS requests to an IP address that corresponds to the virtual IP address content switch or server load balancer that is closest based on the following criteria:

Intelligent load-balancing algorithms and "clauses"

Proximity to user request

Data center and server loads, availability, and health

Persistence to prevent lost session information

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