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Load balancing BGP connections to Service Provider

Imagine in my organization we have 2 Cisco CE routers and two different 10M Ethernet access circuits to each router, connected to same service provider MPLS (but connected to different PEs). Protocol between CE and PE is BGP.

How practical and feasible would be to see load balancing happening for the aforementioned links?

I know BGP is not typically a protocol to be used forload balancing. If CE-PE protocol was OSPF, then load balancing could occur automatically between equal links. But interesting coming from two separate PE's, even with OSPF as CE-PE I am trying to find out what it would take to accomplish load balancing, if at all possible.


Load balancing BGP connections to Service Provider


When you consider the scenario of 2 CE router, then you are more evaluating redundancy more rather than load-balancing.

As per your requirement, it is totally practical and feasible. In fact, most of the practical scenario which deploy 2 CE configures it such that outgoing traffic is load-balaced across 2 links. One suggestion, if you thinking about BGP on 2 CE, also configure iBGP between 2 CE.



Load balancing BGP connections to Service Provider

Bgp can load balnce just like igp such as ospf

However in your case as mentioned by the above peter load sharing is more practical

Where you can have some subnets uses one path as primary and other sunets use the other path for both in and outbound directions using bgp policies

Ibgb with igp between the two ce routers is required in this case

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