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Load Balancing/Failover on 1811 plus GRE Tunnel

I currently have two 1811 routers, one at a main office and the other at a remote office. At the main office I have a T1 internet connected on fa0 and a private natted lan on the other ports. At the remote office I have a cable internet connection on fa0, a dsl internet connection on fa1, and a natted lan on the other ports. I have successfully used static routes, 2 ip nat source entries and object tracking to get the load balancing/failover working.

1. Why do i need to have oer at the end of my ip nat inside source lines? (For some reason without the oer option the load balancing fails.)

2. How can I add a gre tunnel between my main office and the remote office? How do I setup the tunnel so it isn't affected by the load balancing already in place? I would like to have just failover for the tunnel. How do I accomplish this?

I have attached the config of the remote location.

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