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Load balancing in Etherchannel

Hi, I want to configure Load balancing on L2 & L3 Etherchannels. Please help me what options should I choose in which scenario ? I tried to search summary of this on internet, but unable to find the perfect reply.

R0(config)#port-channel load-balance ?

dst-ip Dst IP Addr

dst-mac Dst Mac Addr

src-dst-ip Src XOR Dst IP Addr

src-dst-mac Src XOR Dst Mac Addr

src-ip Src IP Addr

src-mac Src Mac Addr

Cisco Employee

Re: Load balancing in Etherchannel


AS usual, it depends ;-).

The point is to have a good idea about the type of flows and see what parameters change the most often between IP addresses and MAC addresses when the flow transit over the etherchannel. You should then based your load-balancing on this or those parameters.

For example, if you have an L3 etherchannel link between two routers/L3 switches, you should load-balance based on IP information instead of MAC.



Community Member

Re: Load balancing in Etherchannel

Ok. If I am considering L2 etherchannel. then when should I go for Source base and when whould I go for destination base

src-mac Src Mac Addr

dst-mac Src Mac Addr

Community Member

Re: Load balancing in Etherchannel

If you have a lot of different source MAC addresses sending traffic then use src-mac.

If you have a number of destination MAC addresses on the other side of the channel then use dst-mac.

An example would be: If you have a bunch of servers on one switch and they need to talk to a default gateway on another switch then you would want src-mac since etherchannel will then distribute the load based on the large number of source servers and it wouldn't do much good to use dst-mac because there's only the single MAC of the default gateway.


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