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Load Sharing + Redundancy, over 2 routers

I am installing a new site overseas. I have ordered 2 T1/E1 circuits between us, which will terminate on 2 different routers at each end. Per the carrier the circuits will be layer3 MPLS.(Which i just found out a minute ago) but they can be changed to layer2. Here is my question(s).

1. Can I home these on 2 separate routers if they are layer3 mpls? The carrier says I can not.

2. Can I attain load sharing/fail over on these circuits?

3. I've read about multichassis mlpp - but, that looks like its for voice and dial up...would that work?



Re: Load Sharing + Redundancy, over 2 routers

Do you mean carrier is doing 'Any Transport Over MPLS'? Or is it carrier connects each of your locations to their (MPLS) edge routers then performs routing between those locations and your other locations?

Simplest way to do load sharing using two routers is to setup equal cost routes. This will also automatically provide your with redundancy as long as routes disappear when circuit fails.

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