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Load sharing through GRE tunnel

1.I have two sites A and B

2.Both sites are connected by means of 512 KB Leased line through internet.

3.I have RF link also connecting these two sites through Internet.

4.Now I have created a Site-to Site VPN between these sites through serial interface.

5.I have configured the GRE tunnel between these two sites using the RF link

6.My requirement is a)load sharing between the RF and serial interface b)failover between interface

7.Is it possible to have load sharing through VPN tunnel?

8.Is it necessary to have same ISP? or is it possible through different ISP?

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Re: Load sharing through GRE tunnel

Hi Venkat

If i understand your setup properly you have 2 GRE tunnels over 2 different media connected to internet.

Are you getting the same latency through both the GRE Tunnels ?

Would suggest to check for an extended ping between your locations through the tunnels and find out the latency.

If you are almost there in the latency you can try out load balancing on both the GRE Tunnels if you see drastic difference in the latency i would suggest to go ahead with link redundancy instead of load balancing ..


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Re: Load sharing through GRE tunnel

Hi Prem,

Thanks for the info.

I will get it checked and come back to you.

Thanks and Regards,


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Hi spremkumar. I have two

Hi spremkumar. I have two sites A & B and both of them are having two WAN links from two ISPs. 50Mbps from ISP1 and 30Mbps from ISP2. Each site is having only one subnet that talk with each other. If I configure two GRE tunnels at both sites, one for each WAN link and statically (with same AD value) route traffic out via both the tunnels, then would I able to attain load sharing across both the WAN links without any out-of-order delivery of packets?


at site-A

ip route subnet-B tunnel1

ip route subnet-B tunnel2


at site-B

ip route subnet-A tunnel1

ip route subnet-A tunnel2

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