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Loadsharing with multiple service provider

We have a central site hosted in datacentre with many remote locations.

At remote locations we have dual cisco 1841 router with dual service provider on the WAN side.

What is the best possible soluton to acheive load sharing of network traffic from remote location lan to central site datacentre.

Is ebgp on WAN side and ibgp on lan side between both the remote location router a desired solution.

Also there is a Layer3 switch at remote locations with different vlans.

Is HSRP a viable option between both the routers of remote location.

Any other solution for maintaining load sharing and redundancy of wan gateway enroute to datacentre.

Just to summarize:- We want remote location traffic to be loadshared between both the router and at the same time in case of any wan link going down it should be routed via other wan router enroute to the datacentre.

Pls suggest how can we achieve traffic loadbalancing and redundancy.




Re: Loadsharing with multiple service provider


I dont think with HSRP and without segmenting the LAN and having extra MHSRP group configs you wont be able to achieve load balancing.

The best option would be looking at GLBP which does load balancing and takes care of redundancy without any additional config or segmentation.

But you need to make sure that your remote end CPE boxes does support GLBP.


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