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local preference on BGP


I have configure :

my local router

router bgp xxxxx

network ....

neighbor  remote-as xxxxx

neighbor next-hop-self

and my border router has bog neighbor to them with local-preference 30 to external link.

so I have get default route as local-preference 30 in my local router.

when I change the local preference 30 to 35 in border route, and on local router, the local preference

still keep in 30.

I had did neighbor shutdown on both routers.

but it still same.

any comments will be appreciated

thanks in advance


New Member

local preference on BGP


I may not explain properly.

my problem is the border router configured as secondary exit. and now I want to brint it as premier.

when I do sh ip bgp on both sides. and I found current primier sad same metic but different local-prefierence.

so I want to rise the local preference. I did rise it at border router, but, it do not came to local route.

May help?



local preference on BGP



As I understand, you have two bgp routers (Say R1 , R2) which are getting a default route. Say R1 is currently a preffered gateway with local-pref of 30.

Go to R2 "set local-preference 200" under the route-map as you want it to be preffered.

Note: Default value of local-pref is 100. So i believe your issue has got to do with it.

If that doesnt solve the problem then paste outputs of 'show ip bgp" on both border routes + any internal bgp router if any and "show run | i route-map|match|local-preference" on both routers.

New Member

local preference on BGP

hi Nan

on border router (current is backup) I have just done "set local-preference 200", but

on the router itself,

and do show ip bgp

BGP routing table entry for, version 2

Paths: (2 available, best #1, table Default-IP-Routing-Table)

  Advertised to update-groups:


xxxx from

Origin IGP, metric 123456789, localpref 25 valid, external, best

please notice, I have two external site, and two internal router and the internal router redistribute bgp to eigrp. so, for the backup router, it still think it is the best, when the route go to local route, it will change redistribute into eigrp table and select which one to use.


New Member

local preference on BGP


forgot let you know the show ip bgp is runned on the border route I have just changed only.


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