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New Member

Logging buffered size - Something keeps resetting it

OK, this sounds a bit strange, but for some reason this just started happening today on one of my routers. I set the logging buffered size, then a few minutes later, i show log and it is reset to 4096.

No one else is logged into the router. I have run with a large logging buffer for a few weeks and this just started happening today.

Any ideas on what might be causing this? BTW, whenever the logging buffer size is reset the the logs are cleared, so it is hard to see what is causing the change.

Cisco Employee

Re: Logging buffered size - Something keeps resetting it


Did you try setting the logging level after setting the logging buffer size? If yes, then when you configure the logging level after the buffer size, it will reset the buffer size to the default value. If you have to set the buffer size and logging level both then use the command as following " logging buffered


-amit singh

New Member

Re: Logging buffered size - Something keeps resetting it

Hi Amit,

Thanks, that may have been the case some of the times, but the first time this happened today, I was just checking the logs, and noticed that there were only a few minutes worth of logs, in stead of the normal 2 hours worth. Then I noticed the buffer size had been reset to 4096. It has happened at least 5 times today the last time was when I was away at lunch. It has not happened in the last 30 mins.

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