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New Member

logging router c2600


My problem is in my logging history :

%SYS-3-TIMERNEG: Cannot start timer (0x81858EB8) with negative offset (-5000).

-Process= "IP Background", ipl= 0, pid= 31

-Traceback= 802D893C 80539B08 8053BE44 8053BF9C 80534E14 803DD624 803DD6B4 803C5B44

That meant it has this?


Re: logging router c2600

Not sure exactly what you are asking for,

but this message indicates a software problem, which usually causes a reload on the device.

give us more information on the platform , IOS and configs....

check an example:

Basic System Services

AGS+ routers with first-generation FDDI cards (CSC-C2FCI) do not support translational bridging, and are no longer supported. They use encapsulated bridging. The second-generation AGS+ FDDI cards (CSC-C2FCIT) support both translational and encapsulated bridging.

Encapsulated bridging does not work on a Cisco 7500 series router. To bridge between an AGS+ and a Cisco 7500 series router, you must use CSC-C2FCIT cards in the AGS+ and translational bridging.

The big disadvantage of using encapsulated bridging is that it cannot use the hardware bridge filtering capabilities of the CSC-C2FCIT cards, which have a CAM built into them that is used to do bridge filtering on the card. When encapsulated bridging is used, the main processor must do all bridge filtering. This means that one busy encapsulated bridging FDDI network can consume the entire bandwidth of the router's main processor, just for bridge filtering. Therefore, Cisco discourages the use of encapsulated bridging. [CSCdi46862]

The router might reload after displaying the following message:

%SYS-3-TIMERNEG: Cannot start timer (0x1E4388) with negative offset (-495928).

-Process= "Per-minute Jobs", ipl= 0, pid= 37

-Traceback= 22157D7A 22154320 221A17EA 2215F45C 2213E074


New Member

Re: logging router c2600

Under is the result from "Output Interpreter"




%SYS-3-TIMERNEG: Cannot start timer ([hex]) with negative offset ([dec]).

Explanation: : An internal software error has occurred.

Recommended Action: This error could be caused by bug#CSCds39524. Consider loading

the latest IOS version containing fixes for this problem. The problem has been

fixed in following revisions, among others; 12.0(27)SV 12.2(15)ZN 12.2(04.02a)DA

12.1(09.05)EC 12.1(09.05)E 12.2(03.04)B 12.2(03.04)PB 12.0(18.05)ST 12.2(03.04)PI

12.2(03.05)S 12.2(03.04)T 012.002(003.004). Also, other iterations of this bug

have been recorded depending on the platform. It is possible that the message could

be caused by a different bug ID, depending on the platform and software version.

If the bug above does not pertain to your platform, consider searching the Bug

Toolkit by platform and software version.


ERROR: Platform and Version information was not found.

In order to decode the Traceback information, the Stack Decoder requires the platform

and version information to be present in the output and precede any Tracebacks

or Stack Traces.

TRY THIS: Collect the output of the 'show version' command, and the Traceback or

Stack Trace information and submit it to the Output Interpreter.

Here is an example of a Traceback output with version information:

Cisco Internetwork Operating System Software

IOS (tm) RSP Software (RSP-PV-M), Version 12.0(19)S2, EARLY DEPLOYMENT RELEASE


TAC Support:

Copyright (c) 1986-2002 by cisco Systems, Inc.

Compiled Sat 02-Feb-02 21:27 by dchih

Image text-base: 0x60010968, data-base: 0x60DAE000

Traceback= 0x60251F84 0x60254820 0x60250A58 0x602549F0 0x60257E0C

0x601E6B8C 0x601E6C38 0x6015332C 0x60153500 0x601CC454 0x601CC440

NOTE: Stack Trace information or Alignment Data can be substituted for the Traceback



-- RK

PS: Please rate if it helped

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