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Looking for Basic Router for 8 Static IPs

Dear members,

My post may seem childish, please forgive me, this is my first attempt at Cisco.

I upgraded my home account to have 8 Static IPs, and my current NetGear router is only supporting NAT, thus it isnt a real router for more than 1 static IP. I would like to get an entry level Router, but dont know what to get. I am looking for used items at beginning, and later if I learn more, I may buy some nicer model.

So far I have been lookint at the 827 and 837. My questions are as follows:

I have a regulas ADSL at home which requires a regular PPOE signin over RADIUS. I do have a modem, so a normal router would be enough, or a router with modem feature would be also good. An 827 is a Router with ADSL modem, right? If I understood correctly.

My goal is to have my Internet come in, then the Router would have my first IP (after the Netword ID IP), and the rest of IPs would be going through the router, and land on my servers. I have a few Debian Mail, WWW, FTP, DNS servers at home I would like to start using. They are built, so only the router is left.

Please, if its not too much trouble, give me a few advices. I know I am not in the league yet, but I would like to get started.




Re: Looking for Basic Router for 8 Static IPs

Hi Ben

Cisco 827 router has reached EOS/EOL state because of which getting the support here or with cco will be difficult.

You could rather think off going on for Cisco 837 router which supports ADSL connectivity.

Cisco 837 router supports ADSL over POTS which will be helpful in terminating your line onto it..

You can verify the below link on the specs of the router..


Community Member

Re: Looking for Basic Router for 8 Static IPs


Thanks for your answer. The 837 looks very good, and so does the 831. However, to being with, I would like to choose something even more basic and cheaper, as this is only temporary until I get something nicer.

You say that the 837 supports ADSL over POTS. The 827 does not support that? I have a regular ADSL which comes through my phone as it should, and I hook the modem after I split the phoneline to two.

Is it better to get a Router with a modem, or should I just keep my old Modem and get a Router which only Routes, and does not connect by itself with a built-in modem?

Maybe some other low-range routers which I can think about?



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