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Looking for modem to deliver VOIP and ADSL to our CISCO network

Hi - first post in here, so hopefully we're in the correct place (apologies for non-tech language). We're a small business but run a slightly convoluted network setup, as we provide some services to external clients, and other entities in our building. Currently we have a RV320 router, and an SG200 switch for our overall network. We do have a few VLAN's setup, and some CISCO wireless access points. This all works wonderfully, and we were able to find our way through the set-up of these devices. Our ADSL is provided to the network through a 'Fritzbox 7390' ,which also works well. Previously we had the Fritzbox set up as the router, in conjunction with a very simple switch, however we could not arrange the vlan's as we wanted - hence the change to the cisco equipment. Since this change we've lost our VOIP service, as we've had to change the fritzbox to be a 'dumb' modem, which stops the voip working. We're not network tech's (as I'm sure you can tell from my language), and we are trying to find a device that will provide a solution for us here. We were thinking one of the cisco voip gateways might help, but are not sure this is the correct device... thanks, in advance ;-)  - am happy to elaborate on the set-up if I've missed crucial information.

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