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mac address problem with ap1242 and ISP

Hello everybody,
i have this strange problem with my cisco acces point 1242 and i need little help

So i have configure my acces point to get ip,gateway and subnet mask from the DHCP..
The problem with my isp is that they need your mac address so you can only use the internet on this computer...
I called them and i give them the access point mac address so they change it in they registers or whatever...

So i plugged my net cable to the acces points ethernet slot but when i connect with my wireless card i still get the default isp massage that my connection isnt authorized
So i try to put the mac address of the access point (the one i send to isp) to my lan card i it works - i have internet..

i don't know what im doing wrong but im tired of trying so i need your help.. thanks in advance

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