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Maintaining downtime

Hi guys, one of my colleague has the job of maintaining the downtime sheet of our branches, its very difficult since the number of branches are large, i want to ask the experts here that usually what procedure they follow, what we want to document is the time for which the branch was down, its ip address, its name,

kindly guide me


Re: Maintaining downtime

Im sure you will get some more responses, there are hundres of network monitoring tools out there to keep track network availability and build a report I personally use this one which can provide you with devices downtime and uptime reports.



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Re: Maintaining downtime

hi jorge, i have tried it and i must say its really cool, but i m having trouble adding devices to my map, see i m connected to isp and then to my other branches so to run ospf i am using tunnel interfaces, now when i need to add devices what ip should i give it to scan ?? wan ip or tunnel ip ? i tried giving tunnel ip but it simply scanned and added the device in isolation, not showing the link with other device already on the map,

kindly guide me

Re: Maintaining downtime


I agree with Jorge. WhatsUp Gold is a great software for monitoring uptime/downtime of host/s and service/s. Also, it can be configured to receice SNMP Traps. It can be configure to send the notification by mail, paging, and sms with the help of third party program and services and of course a sound alarm.

However, WhatsUp Gold can be a budgetting problem to some :) If you like to play with Linux and Open Source program, you can try NAGIOS



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