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maybe dead 1811

I have used 1811 that I have been trying to get configured. I was able to put one of my WANS on Fa1 and configure it as DHCP. For the most part this works. The 2nd WAN I put on Fa0 and it would not work. I finally reconfigured fa0 to be the same as fa1 and moved the cable that I know works to the fa0 port. The config is identical. I rebooted and I cant even get the fa0 port to show the DHCP info, like the ip address etc. I moved the cable back to fa1 and the info comes up without a problem.

This same router seems to like working for a period of time, and then for no reason just stops routing. Without making any changes it just starts again

I am thinking now that there must be something really wrong with this box. I have reloaded the flash with the current bin file and also put in a new flash card. nothing has helped.

Is it dead?

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Re: maybe dead 1811

Hello Mark,

post your NAT configuration in an attachment file.

the router has probably problems with NAT from time to time I remember similar threads.

I mean some process likely NAT consumes all resources of some type on the device causing the out of service.

I wouldn't say it is dead. You say you have moved to a recent IOS image so now a look at configuration may help.

Hope to help


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