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measuring throughput from router

i've been trying to measure throughput on different broadband lines. To do this I log onto the router on the end of the line (cisco 800) and download a file via http to the null filesystem.

The problem I've encountered is that on lines with high latency (~50ms) the throughput figure is inaccurate. eg - on a 2mb line, I can download the file from a workstation behind the router and get approx 2mb throughput, but if I download to null: on the router it only gives me around 500k. On lines with low latency the 2 figures match.

It looks to me like Cisco's http client is not very efficient compared to PC based clients.

Anyone any experience of this, or can anyone suggest an alternative way of measuring throughput from the router? (I'm aware of ttcp but its not supported on the routers we're using)


Re: measuring throughput from router


The throughput speed depends on many factors like the H/W Capability,line quality,also the traffic conditions in the SP network.

It also depends on the server load handling capability also the available B/W in the location where the server is placed.

Ideally we do simultaneous download from different sitez mostly with XP which has the auto buffer adjustment capability in it.

Then either we do add up or use some tools like solarwind traffic monitor to find out the cumilative download speed or throughput using that line..


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