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memory problem

Need you opinion.

From what I understand;

Allocated = is the memory allocated to the process since the router booted.

Freed = is the memory that has been freed since then.

Holding = current memory use.

Some process have both "allocated" and "freed" the same, or "freed" higher as some process allocates a block of memory and return to other process "freed" pool.

In the case below, "allocated" is very high. Thus that means that there is not enough memory for the process?

BTW, the router hangs up due to memory allocation problem and I suspect BGP RIB Table flood updates causes it. I'm doing this favor for a friend, their BGP network went down after plugging a Juniper router in the network. I don't know how to read Juniper config/logs so I asked my friend to send me the only Cisco Router in the network "show tech-support" output.

---show proc mem---

PID TTY Allocated Freed Holding Getbufs Retbufs Process

48 0 3249685272 1675058560 76604 0 0 IP RIB Update

---show proc cpu---

PID Runtime(ms) Invoked uSecs 5Sec 1Min 5Min TTY Process

101 2997414400 50492864 59363 51.95% 8.11% 6.55% 0 BGP Scanner


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Re: memory problem

Hello Dandy,

what makes to think that something is going wrong is the big difference between allocated and Freed it is 1.5 10^9 !

it looks like the process has eaten all the memory asking it at a rate x but releasing it at a slower rate y.

looking in command reference I've seen ther are other options for the command like

sh process memory 48

to see data about process with ID 48.


Hope to help


Re: memory problem

Hi Giuseppe,

Thank you for your reply.

I was wondering where did the router get the "allocated" if it only has 512MB physical memory.


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