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Memory requirements

What could be a problem of installing an IOS image on a 32MB Flash memory if the minimum recommended is 64MB Flash memory?

The IOS image is about 22MB, so it could be downloaded in the 32MB memory.


Re: Memory requirements

Are you sure you're not getting DRAM and flash mixed up? What image are you looking at?

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Re: Memory requirements

Thanks for the prompt response.

The image is for a 5400HPX:

File name: c5400-is-mz.124-23.bin

Min. Memory (MB): 512

Min. Flash (MB): 64

However, file size is 20.7MB, so I was wondering if this could be installed on a 5400HPX with 32MB of Flash.

Re: Memory requirements

Occasionally the file is decompressed when put in flash. You could try it, but I would make sure not to do it in a production environment.

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Re: Memory requirements

Ok, will give it a try and let you know. Other than that, there should not be an issue, right?

I am thinking that it might have issues with saving crash files, implementing TCL scripts, but that is not a concern at this moment.


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Re: Memory requirements

I suspect the minimum RAM requirement you note is for system RAM not flash RAM. Many IOS images are compressed, so their file size will double when loaded plus you need to account for RAM to allow the IOS to function.

As for flash RAM, if the image will fit at all, you should be able to load it onto flash RAM (assuming the space isn't used by other files).



Much overlap with other posters. As Collin notes, some images, for instance those provided as TARs, can be decompressed when loaded into flash. Typical router IOS images decompress when loaded into system RAM.

I'm not familar with the device you note, so its possible different rules apply, although the "MZ" in "c5400-is-mz.124-23.bin" appears like a typical router compressed IOS image.

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