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Metro Ethernet Consideration

We are thinking about using Metro Ethernet to replace our point to point T1s, T3s, at our USA offices.


1. From your experience or research, is Metro Ethernet more or less secure than private point to point T1, T3?

2. From your experience, is Metro Ethernet harder to troubleshoot or problem harder to trace if the problem occurs beyond the local loop?

3. Does it provide consistant latency, jitter, and availablity comparing to T1?

4. What other pros or cons have you noticed since you migrated to Metro-E?

Yes, I already read the Metro Ethernet Migration guide from Cisco. I would like to know from production experience.

Thank you all!

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Re: Metro Ethernet Consideration

Hi, answers to 1 to 3 depends on the SP used. A reliable one will have all positive one, an average one some posite and some negative, a poor one all negatives.

The main reason for metro Ethernet is more bandwidth for less money. All the other reasoning is accessory.

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Re: Metro Ethernet Consideration

From your experience, who is a good SP?

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Re: Metro Ethernet Consideration

Sorry, I can't really tell. They are to be local to areas so check for alternatives.

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