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Metro Ethernet Routing

We have two locations, separate VTP domains, with separate VLANS. These two locations are currently tied together via OC3 and a 7200.

My question is, if we were to convert our OC3 connection over to metroethernet, would we be able to route between these locations using the layer 3 switches at each site (rather than using the 7200s)? And if so, how would you get around the VLAN mismatch/tagging problem between the two sites? (I assume we would need to carve out a VLAN on both ends and number/bridge them together with the ME connection to get a "routable" connection)


Re: Metro Ethernet Routing

Should be possible to do it via a switch.

This will work straight away when you ensure that the physical ports that connect to the metro-WAN are set as access ports. Setting the ports to access mode causes them to send traffic untagged so vlans have little significance. This will be a routed link and as there will be just two nodes, you could use a /30 mask.

If you want tagged frames, (your WAN must accept them as well!!) the vlan id on both ends must match.

CDP is best disabled on these ports.

VTP is no big deal either as you are using different domains, use a vtp password for extra safety.



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