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Metro Ethernet Switch or Router??

I am migrating 17 locations from individual T-1 lines to 10 mb metro ethernet connections. 1 of the 17 locations will have a DS-3 for internet. Should I use a layer 3 switch at each site or install a 28xx router. We are looking to install VoIP at all sites eventually and share multiple PRI lines for phone service across our entire network. I have found little information about the customer site equipment and settings for metro ethernet users. Thanks for the halp!!


Re: Metro Ethernet Switch or Router??

Most L3 switches are not capable of the advanced QoS features needed on WAN interfaces, especially metro ethernet with voice.

A problem arises when the metro-e service provider rate limits your traffic to something less than your physical connection. In this case you will need to first shape your traffic to the subscribed rate and then subsequently provide priority to voice. You are effectively managing the packet twice in a configuration called Heirarchical QoS. This is something routers can do very well, but most affordable L3 switch interfaces cannot.

The only L3 switches supporting these advanced QoS features are the 3750-Metro and the 6500/7600 with SIP/SPA linecards.

In your situation I would be looking at the 3750-Metro or 3825 or better router.

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Re: Metro Ethernet Switch or Router??

Hi Brad,

I am using 3560XL, I will subscribe to a 10mbps MetroE link, what can I do if this is my only choice?

The ISP is telling me that they will allocating the following for the traffic:

5mbps - multimedia

2mbps - mission critical

2mbps - standard data

1mbps - economy data

Thanks much,


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