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Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements for running BGP


About 2 weeks ago I was searching the Cisco site for BGP related info and ran across this table that outlined the basic requirements for running BGP. I neglected to bookmark the site and now I can't find it after searching for a couple of days.

Could someone point me to the URL or provide the information? The page I found originally had all the equipment capable of providing this service and the basic memory, IOS, etc. matrix(ed)

by number of routes.




Re: Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements for running BGP

Is this the URL you were looking for?.This contains all the requirements you have mentioned.It is a data sheet for OER 1.1 and I think it is aplicable for BGP.

See the product specifications section at the bottom of this document:

Regarding memory requirement,If receiving the full routing table 256M is recommended . 64M is the very

minimum if you have only one ISP peer but 128M is still recommended. If

receiving partial routes, minimum memory needs can be calculated as follows:Each BGP entry takes about 240 bytes of memory in the BGP table and another240 bytes in the IP routing table. Each path takes about 110 bytes. Thiswould be the minimum memory and would be just for BGP's share of memory, you would need to add whatever memory you need for other protocols, etc, running and / or cards, interfaces, etc.

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Re: Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements for running BGP

Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for your



Re: Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements for running BGP

Routes in internet are increasing as years pass by. If you are running full BGP and with the current number of prefixes in the Internet somewhere between (120,000 - 200,000 routes) you will atleast need 256MB for storing BGP prefixes alone. 512MB/768MB/1GB upgrade on the RAM is a good option.

I have a customer with a 2821 running full BGP routes and with 512 MB ram.


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Re: Minimum Hardware/Software Requirements for running BGP

Hi Folks,

A simple calculation here applies

number of BGP Routes received = 120000

Number of ip routing table entries = 120000

the total is = 240000

you get the the internet routing table details by logging into a route server. 2X number of BGP table

will be the memory requirement. also take into account the memory requirements of other process.

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