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mLACP Question


Would like your assistance please regarding MC-LAG

According to below diagram, are both links are active at same time , or one active and the other is standby ?


I believe below how it works .. please correct me If I am wrong

- Both modes are supported only If we used LACP between CE & 7600 thanks to LACP command "lacp max-bundle"

- This command will restrict 1 link only from both 7600 to be active at a time

- If we used static LAG (no negotiation), then by default all links will be active

- If I am correct in above, do I need to configure "lacp max-bundle" on CE side also or 7600s side only will be enough ?

Unfortunately I have no lab to test .. however I am sure you would provide me with good answers


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mLACP Question


yes only the links toward a PoA (7600) are active while the link(s) toward the other PoA are in standby.

lacp max-bundle is needed on 7600 only.

A lab to test this is not that simple as you need particular hardware (ES20/40 cards) I know.

More info here:


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Re: mLACP Question

Thanks Ricacardo for your reply

- Is there a possibility for active-active mode ?

- Also what is the use for "lacp max-bundle" since mLACP works in active-standby mode ?

   Or It use will be for links @ active POA only ?

For ES20/40 ... This is v.bad news :-)

An IMP question Ricacardo please

I was able to test MC-LAG in a 7600 lab with ES cards .... And what surprized me that it seems that MC-LAG does not work with L2 (switchport) or even with a L3 .... It only works with "service instance command" pseudo wires , correct  ?

Many Thanks

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